The "home" of the Vulpin. They move often but they call their main camp Zure. They usually stay within the Elkiyo region. The Vulpin clan has about 100-150 members.

Currently Zure has been overcome by the Horde. A few of the clan have gone missing during the attack, mainly the clan leader's immediate family. The rest of the clan is camped on the North end of Elkiyo. They do a little trade with Manratai.

Dew (Male) is in charge currently. Ivo (Female) is a spellcaster that can do cleansing rituals or transport to other planes.

Story Based (Spoilers) Edit

  • Father - Myst
  • Mother - Em
  • Son - Razz

Razz has been possessed/controlled by a powerful ghost that resides in a demiplane. This ghost is strengthened by a seed of evil from the original seed of evil. The ghost can control some most of the Horde that is nearby. The darkness that overshadows Zure has caused Myst to become very sick. Em has pushed through it by trying to take care of her son.

Choice Edit

Ivo can sacrifice someone in a ritual to cleanse Razz and kill the ghost or go to the plane to defeat the ghost itself.

Ritual Edit

The ritual would take some time and might be attacked by the Horde. Sacrifice would be killed.

Travel Edit

First task is to find a key of the location of the demiplane. Then travel there and defeat the Ghost.

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