The door to this room is locked, requiring thieves' tools and a successful DC 15 Dexterity check to open. Nezznar carries the key. Unless the characters are being stealthy, any activity at the door attracts the attention of Nezznar and his allies in Dumathoin's temple, prompting the drow to send his giant spiders to investigate.

Dusty draperies adorn the walls of this room, which also contains a bed and brazier. A badly disheveled dwarf lies bound and unconscious on the cold stone floor.
This room formerly belonged to the priest in charge of Dumathoin's temple, but Nezznar has appropriated it for use as a cell. The figure lying on the floor is Nundro, a dwarf commoner and the youngest of the three Rockseeker brothers. Nezznar spared him because he thought the dwarf might know more about the mine than he admitted. The drow has interrogated Nundro harshly once or twice a day ever since capturing him.


Nundro is grateful if the adventurers rescue him, and he offers to tag along for the duration of their stay in Wave Echo Cave. Nundro doesn't know any more about the layout than the characters, so he hasn't much to offer in the way of useful information. See the "NPC Party Members" sidebar (page 11) for tips on running Nundro.

If the characters deal with Nezznar and his minions, this area serves as a safe and comfortable place to rest before continuing their explorations of the mine.


If Nundro is rescued and survives the adventure, divide 200 XP equally among the characters in the party.

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