The eastern door is barricaded from inside the room and requires a successful DC 20 Strength check to force open. A character who listens at either door and succeeds on a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check hears gruff voices speaking Goblin and talking about how hungry they are.

Old stone bunks line the walls of this barracks, which is lit and heated by a glowing iron brazier in the middle of the room.
If the party enters from the west, add:
Across the room is another door, this one blocked by a barricade made from the remains of a wooden table.
Five bugbears reside in this chamber. They are loyal minions of Nezznar. This room marks the front line in the Black Spider's assault on Wave Echo Cave, and the bugbears are here to prevent ghouls, zombies, or other undead from troubling their master in his lair, the temple of Dumathion. Like the south barracks, this was formerly a barracks for miners. Nezznar's bugbears removed the corpses they found here and built the barricade.


The largest bugbear carries a pouch containing 15 cp, 13 ep, and a potion of vitality. 

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