Treasure is concealed in this water-filled cave.

A still pool fills much of this cavern. The water is dark, revealing little of what might lie within. The shore of the pool consists of a thin layer of broken shells from strange, pale mussels, and a fishy odor hangs in the air. A passage leads south from this area, and a set of steps climbs up to the east. A sluggish stream flows out of the cave to the northeast.
The pool is 20 feet deep in the middle. The stream to the northeast is 3 feet deep, and the ceiling of the passage is 2 to 3 feet above the water. Characters can easily wade through the stream to the collapsed cavern. A character who explores the pool finds an old skeleton lying on the bottom, 10 feet from the shore and under 10 feet of water. These are the remains of a human wizard from old Phandalin who died defending the mines against the orc attackers. Several orc arrows are still lodged in the skeleton's ribcage.

Treasure Edit

The skeleton wears two platinum rings (75 gp each) and clutches a wand of magic missiles in its bony fingers. 

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