For the residents of Thundertree, living so close to Neverwinter Wood demanded constant vigilance.

The barracks appears to have weathered the years better than most buildings in town. Its rooftop features a simple battlement, and arrow-slit windows confirm that it was built to serve as a small keep in times of emergency.
Five ash zombies lurk within this building. Former members of the garrison, they still wear the remnants of rusted mail and soldiers' surcoats. These scraps of armor do not improve their Armor Class, however. The zombies animate and attack if any living creature disturbs their rest. The interior of the building still contains furnishings, and the main room has a ladder leading through a trapdoor to the roof. The chamber to the north contains two double bunks, while the chamber to the south has three double bunks, providing quarters for ten soldiers altogether. To the northwest of the main area of the barracks was a kitchen and pantry, now containing piles of well-rotted sacks and barrels that once held salted meat. All the foodstuffs have long since been devoured by vermin.


Divide 250 XP equally among the characters if the party destroys the ash zombies. 

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