Name Race Name Race Name Race
Ig Aarakocra Thykyl Dwarf Thavith Dawnwalker Ganu-Mukena Goliath
Rhillal Aarakocra Kromgran Dwarf Keogan Stonebreaker Valu-Natake Goliath
Aki Aarakocra Mystdryn Dwarf Grimurall Half-Orc
Thanvara Aasimar Ranvoth Featherflow Human Rekabash Half-Orc
Brenjurn Dragonborn Geth Burningstalker Human Shazara Half-Orc
Vyumash Dragonborn Thasa Muthrukt Human Flyndak Halfling
Faemyse Dragonborn Xoston Gnome Chenula Halfling
Alaktel Everhduis Drow Alros Gnome Reski Lizardfolk
Drizeth Kilurden Drow Eilina Gnome Virgaerrun Lizardfolk
Smoke Genasi Cackler Kenku Aurora of Winter (Aurora) Tabaxi

Adventure Log Edit

Main article: Pirates of Blood Adventure Log

Readying 1576 Edit

Ironbeard and his crew aboard the Blood Maiden are out on the hunt for dangerous creatures and helpless ships. Throughout Wildpspace and the Astral Sea there is no shortage of wealth. But with that wealth comes risks.

The crew starts their journey at the Pirate Alcove in the Garden of Realmspace. A few members were recently hired on to help with the "business". 

What awaits the crew of the Blood Maiden as they embark the Garden into Wildspace?

2-4: With the new crew members, the Blood Maiden plundered a ship guarding a supply line. They stole this ship for themselves and left the barge as an example.

7: The crew took a job to pick up a hydra. They handed it over to Telag Strongmourn, captain of the Plaguebringer. He lost his arm the first time they found it. Telag will help the Blood Legion if called upon later.

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