Description Edit

There are a great many people who would like to know just who is responsible for the construction of these foul-looking ships. The arcane are not divulging any information, as usual, but the fact that they are offering a substantial reward for a complete Skullship is an indication that they are as much in the dark as the rest of space's scholars. Those that have encountered these ships and survived report that they are apparently constructed from bone. Some have even construed that the ships are actually real skulls, magically enlarged, with decks built inside. Most sages scoff at this idea, for the skill of the caster would have to be truly colossal to attempt such a feat. The experts to agree that the materials used must undergo some magical enhancement, as the ship appears to be more hardy than it would be if constructed of bone alone.

Crew Edit

The primary danger posed by these ships does not lie in their physical weaponry, but with their crews. These ships have turned up in the hands of some of the most evil individuals that space has ever seen. The vast majority have been captained and crewed by undead. While the crews are of lesser undead, the captains have been spellcasting mummies and vampires, with several liches reported also. One disturbing tale tells of a Skullship commanded by a death knight of extraordinary size and power. Those captains who are still among the living are always evil clerics or necromancers, with appropriate crews.

Ship Uses Edit

Terror ship/Marauder: One look at this vessel will tell the viewer what its purpose is. Usually it is the command ship for a small number of warships.

Other Configurations Edit

So few Skullships have been encountered that no other configurations have yet been seen.

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