Rock hopper Skiffs are built for travel between asteroids. They are meant for short hops, and carry only enough air to travel short distances. These Skiffs carry no spelljamming helms, and instead are powered by propellers operating from a turn crank attached to foot pedals. Unlike the elven Peddleship, there is no magic involved in this conversion of pedaling into motive force, and as a result the craft's SR does not rise above 1. The pedalers sit on benches set up much the same way as rowing benches aboard a viking longboat. A system of gears transmits their effort to a central drive shaft running the length of the Skiff, and hence to one, or sometimes two propellers at the rear.

Rock hoppers are peaceable by nature, and their Skiffs are unarmed and unarmoured, the only weaponry on board being hunting harpoons. If confronted by a beligerent ship, a Skiff will flee if at all possible. If forced to fight, its crew will use poisoned harpoons to attempt to defend themselves.

Crew Edit

Skiffs require a full 12 rock hoppers in order to function at full efficiency. This large crew means that only journeys that will take 2 days or less will be undertaken, lest the air become foul. Since the Skiff is limited to tactical speeds only, this greatly limits the ships range.

Ship Uses == Transport: Skiffs are the primary means of transport from one asteroid to another by the rock hoppers, and a clan will typically own several of these small ships for everyday use.

Hunting: In addition to being used for simple transportation, Skiffs are used by the rock hoppers to take hunting parties out into space where they can use their harpoons to kill and catch scavvers and other spacefaring creatures that can be used for food.

Other Configurations ==

The tiny Skiff is too small to be modified in any significant way.

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