The Eviscerator Fleet Edit

Commanded by Admiral Ryluch (Scro M/P 5/9) the Scro have established a decent sized battle fleet within Realmspace, currently they are simply evaluating the various power groups as potential allies and servants rather than trying to actively destroy the local Elven forces. Several battles earlier in the war, when small fleets of mantis ships were destroyed without inflicting serious damage, convinced the Scro High Command that this sphere needed a delicate touch. Enter Admiral Ryluch, known as the space fox Admiral Ryluch was responsible for several early victories against elven forces within other spheres (notably, the destruction of an Avariel base in Aeriespace). His hallmark is careful planing and thorough intelligence. In this case he knows his forces are outnumbered considerably, but feels confident he will succeed in turning some of the other power groups against the elves. He has already managed to convince the Emperor of Wa (through bribes to certain officials and cleverly disguised attacks) that the Sindiath line was actually a front for drow smuggling contraband into Wa! Wa responded to this elven "threat" by destroying a Sindiath line man-o-war, an act sure to lead to war between Wa and the Elves. He has also received some setbacks: A Mantis ship sent to turn Cormyr against the Elves never returned. Ryluch has since learned that the intial intelligence was faulty, Cormyr was a highly unlikely ally. The Scro not only failed to even speak with a court representative, they refused to pay some sort of tax and were destroyed on take off (see Toby Mekelburg's "Cormyr" update). A beginning colony established near on the "Gull Rocks" islands of Toril (in the Sea of Swords just west of the Moonshaes) has failed to report in recently, Ryluch is beginning to worry, 3 of his precious Mantis ships, and a tradesman were engaged in the effort to establish a secure base on Toril, they are now a full month overdue. (See Toby Mekelburg's "Orc Pirates of the Gullrocks" post)

Ryluchs forces are relatively small: 1 Battlewagon (the "Eviscerator"), 5 Mantis ships, 3 scorpions, 2 tradesman, 1 whaleship, and 15 Kobold arrows. His ships are crewed by 400 Scro Naval personnel. His marine counterpart, General "Sharpjaws" Grenuk (Scro F12) commands the 3rd Marines as well as 3/15 and 4/15 of the 15th Marines. As of yet General Sharpjaws has not received any allied ground troops to command. The fleet remains within the Selûne's Tears astroid belt most of the time, Ryluch as no wish to advertise his presence. The Whaleship is used as a mobile base and supply depot, it also carries the arrow ships.

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