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50 years after the Shattering of the Astral Sea, many pockets of deep magic have uprooted many places of Krossterra. Because of this magic of levitation, many inventors have figured out how to make ships fly.

Path of Fortune (Legend)

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  • Pirates

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Follow alongside the party of Phoenix, Rysarian, Quinn, and Meadowlark as they explore the world of Krossterra, looking for the treasure of the Path of Fortune.

Latest Adventure Log: Slimey Ruins

Auction List Edit

  • Small Animals (Monkey, Parrot, etc...)
  • Large Animals (Riding animals...)
  • Portable Ram
  • Wax Key Blank
  • Glass Cutter
  • Necklace of Keys
  • Cloaked Dagger
  • Bag of Holding
  • Battle Standard (Any)
  • Magical socks made by Dumbledore's own knitting patterns
  • Flying Suit (Squirrel Suit)