Description Edit

This is the smallest of the human-designed "fish-ships", and, as such, has been affectionately nicknamed the "Minnow" class. This is a misnomer, as the marlin has proved its worth to both human and elven fleets. Its superior MC and AR for its size make it popular with adventurers, but its cramped space makes it somewhat unpopular with some crews.

Crew Edit

Only a relatively small crew is needed to man a marlin, due to its simple design. Most human crews prefer larger ships, due to the cramped conditions on board. Gnomes and dwarves have no such difficulty, though, and elves also tolerate the smaller spaces.

Ship Uses Edit

Scout: The marlin is popular for scouting missions in territories where an insect-class ship may not be robust enough to survive. In this capacity, it is well represented in human, elven, dwarven, and some gnomish navies. The ship is also coming under the scrutiny of illithid navies for the same uses.

Smugglers Ship: As with other ships this size, the marlin is popular with merchants specializing in the 'small package trade'. Their owners often heavily modify these ships.

Destroyer: Some navies modify marlins with more offensive capability, and group them in squadrons of three or more. Fighting in concert, these 'schools' can be a force to be reckoned with.

Other Configurations Edit

Sailfish class: This is a 'topped out' modification to the marlin design. MC rises to 'B', yet is not always popular since the modification draws considerable attention to the ship. Many smugglers, though, use this configuration; they will often use black sails to hide the alteration.

Swordfish class: This is a marlin with a longer piercing ram mounted on the bow. This enables the ship to ram smaller ships effectively, and larger ships with some risks. This is a configuration that some human and gnome navies sometimes use.

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