Description Edit

The Leech is little more than a lifejammer mounted within a dome. The dome is supported by eight grappling legs, which gives the entire structure the appearance of a headless spider. The Leech is designed to fit on the back of a large living creature, which may or may not have space-faring abilities of its own, and turn the tandem device and being into a spelljamming ship. The process of using the lifejammer kills the harnessed creature, so the neogi only use Leeches in situations where they are vital, or where replacement creatures are available. 

Any gargantuan-sized creature between 60' and 120' long can be mounted with the Leech and turned into a captive of the neogi ship. This includes such space creatures as kindori (the preferred mount) and krajen, as well as large groundling dragons, and small celestial dragons. The neogi do not need the creature's intelligence, only its life-force, so the grapples of the leech are tipped with a paralyzing venom. Once a successful grapple attack has been made, the target must save vs. poison or be paralyzed. After initial paralyzation, the crew of the Leech will keep the creature sedated, and no further saves are made. If the save succeeds, the creature can attempt to shake the Leech off, making a save vs. paralyzation to succeed. 

Crew Edit

The Leech is designed to be crewed by a single neogi and his personal umber hulk servant, although 1-6 lesser slaves are usually carried as well in order to man the catapult, and generally see to the needs of the neogi. Being assigned to captain a Leech is not considered to be an honour by the neogi, since the captain of a Leech is dangerously exposed and vulnerable.

Ship Uses Edit

Courier: The Leech has been primarily used to dispatch messages and light goods between outposts. The entire purpose of the Leech is to gain high tactical speeds by draining the powerful life-force of a large creature. This results in a courier which is able to out-run most hostile ships in order to ensure that it gets to its destination, even running through blockades when needed. Despite the generally high speed of the Leech, since it is usually only used in dangerous situations, using the ship is always a risky proposition.

Other Configurations Edit

Terror Weapon: In some desperate situations, neogi have turned Leeches into weapons of terror. These Leeches are filled with greek fire, attached to a kindori or other creature, and sent towards an enemy base at high speeds. The ensuing crash and explosion causes a great deal of damage, and usually the speed of the Leech prevents any defenders from intercepting and destroying the Leech before it strikes.

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