Description Edit

Used by the same groundling cultures that produce Longships and Drakkars as their vessels of war, the Knarr is a simple, yet effective trading ship on water. In space, however, the Knarr is a less than ideal ship. Although not as clumsy as many groundling vessels, the Knarr still requires more crew to operate than it can safely support in space for extended voyages. Further, a Knarr cannot stand up to any combat, being fragile, and typically unarmed.

Crew Edit

When used on water, a Knarr typically carries 6-12 crew, and may carry as many as 20-30 passengers. In space, however, a Knarr will typically operate with a full crew of 6-8 men. If a Knarr is powered by Oars of the Void, then it may have as many as 14 crew, depending on how many pairs of Oars are used. Except for very short journeys, Knarrs in space will rarely carry any passengers beyond their crew.

Ship Uses Edit

Trader: The Knarr is ill suited to any use other than as a light trading ship. Even for such purposes, Knarrs are usually used only for short hops in safe areas of space. The only niche in which Knarrs have seen any real success is in transporting cargo from worlds which lack organized spacefaring cultures, to their moons.

Other Configurations Edit

Modifications to the Knarr are virtually unknown.

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