The Isis Maru is a brig captained by Captain Charlotte. It was boarded and attacked by the party but the Captain agreed to take them with her on the Path of Fortune.

Length: 197 ft.

Width: 40 ft.

Height: 160 ft.

Minimum Crew: 25

Miscellaneous Crew Edit

Rooms Edit

  • Captain's Quarters
  • Crew Quarters
  • Kitchen
  • Cargo Hold

Important Items On Board Edit

Ship Upgrades Type Amount
Hull Armor Wood
Broadside Cannons 16
Mortars None
Chase Cannons None
Swivel Shot None
Ram None
Crew Quarters 30
Ammo Upgrades Amount
Round Shot 15
Heavy Shot 5
Fire Barrels 0
Chain Shot 20
Grape Shot 0
Heated Shot 0

Crew Jobs Edit

Captain Captain Charlotte
First Mate Corben
Second Mate Meadowlark
Master Gunner Rysarian
Cannon Crew (10-15) Wobor, Nodhemaeus, Koldar, Tim, Falabane, Valkinian, Phoenix
Sail Master Chrysanthemum
Sail Crew (5) Ted, Bridona, Evaross, Henryll, Girstaer
Navigator Presley
Head Engineer J'Kuir
Engine Crew (2) Grejeon, Tericius
Carpenter Sylnan
Cook Sonia
Boatswain Aliss
Healer Meadowlark

Makes You Feel Like a Pirate Edit