Description Edit

The Eagle Ship is a recent development of the aarakocra; as such few have been encountered in wildspace, and even fewer in the flow. The ship maneuvers by slanting its wings when it turns, granting a fairly good maneuverability class with fairly low crew requirements. Like the aarakocra's other main vessel, the Corbina, the Eagle Ship is built for speed, and with the aarakocra's intimate understanding of flight, the Eagle Ship gains a +1 to SR for any helmsman.

Since the aarakocra are peaceful by nature, they prefer to flee from battle whenever possible, and the weapons layout of the Eagle Ship refelcts this. The ship's heavy jettisons do much to discourage pursuit, while the medium ballistas and the catapult can be used against more persistent enemies.

Crew Edit

The average crew of an Eagle Ship will consist of about 25 aarakocra, which is enough to fully man the ship and all of her weaponry, and provide a crew for a carried Corbina vessel. This crew size is still comfortably below the size that could be supported based on the ship's tonnage, making long exploratory voyages possible. An Eagle Ship will typically carry 3-6 shamans who serve both as helmsmen, and spiritual advisors for the crew, whilst the captain will be a charismatic leader of any class.

Ship Uses Edit

Explorer: The primary mission of all Eagle Ships is to make contact with various enclaves of aarakocra throughout the spheres. As a result, Eagle Ships are outfitted as long-range explorers, carrying a great deal of supplies for long journeys. An Eagle Ship will typically search through space for a likely world which may have a native population of aarakocra. Almost all Eagle Ships carry a Corbina (or in some cases as many as 4 Corbinas), which will be flown down to a newly discovered world in order to hunt throuhgout the atmosphere for natives, while the Eagle Ship remains in orbit. Those few Eagle Ships which do not carry Corbinas will enter the atmospheres themselves, but this is very rare.

Other Configurations Edit

The Eagle Ship is a recent enough design that it has yet to see any modifications in significant numbers.

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