New Characters Edit

Whenever creating a new character, they will be created at level 1.

Resurrecting Edit

Dropping to 0 Hit Points Edit

Teleportation Circles Edit

Permanent circles are able to be activated by command word and can only be connected by dialing out with a sigil sequence. It does not use spell slots and anyone with the command word can use it. Anyone/Anything within the circle when the command word is said is immediately teleported. Teleportation circles can only fit up to 10 medium creatures. There is a cooldown time of 30 minutes before the circle could be used again. Five circles are empty but are used to draw in the sequence. They immediately disappear after use.

Circles can be created by spending 300 uses of the spell.

Enchanting and Charm Spells Edit

If a spell of 1st level or above puts a creature under a caster's spell and states that it turns hostile immediately afterwards, instead it only has a small idea of acting out of character. If the charmed creature has high knowledge of these types of spells, it may know that it was charmed.

If the caster is nearby when the spell ends, the target has a much higher chance of knowing it was charmed.

Making Magic Items Edit

When making magic items, you can put in 25 gp of work into a magic item a day.

Consumables Edit

Consumables cost half of the lower end of the rarity chart.

Non-Consumables Edit

Non-consumables cost half of the higher end of the rarity chart.

Rarity Level Required Low Cost High Cost
Common 3rd 50 100
Uncommon 3rd 100 500
Rare 6th 500 5000
Very Rare 11th 5000 50000
Legendary 17th 50000 500000

Rituals Edit

Difficulty = 10 + Materials + Complexity Time (Hours) = Size + Complexity + Attack Bonus Cost (gold) = Materials * Size * Attack Bonus

Materials: Common (1), Uncommon (2), …..

Size: Tiny (1), Small (2),.....

Complexity: Simple (1), Easy (2), …..

If the DC is 15 or more, the caster suffers 1 point of exhaustion if they succeed.

For any ritual, if they fail the DC by 4 or less, no exhaustion takes effect. If the DC check is failed by 5 or more, then the caster suffers a point of exhaustion. If failed by 10 or more, they suffer 2 points of exhaustion.

Whether they succeed or fail, materials are used up and it takes the full time.

Old Age Edit

Drinking Rules Edit

When enough liquid courage is imbibed make a Constitution saving throw against the drink's DC or advance one level of inebriation. Effects of inebriation are cumulative.

Level Negative Effect Positive Effect
1 Disadvantage on Persuasion and Deception Advantage against Frightened
2 Disadvantage on Ability Checks Roll Hit Dice and gain temporary hit points
3 Disadvantage on Saving Throws Cannot dash or move more than 10′ in the same direction
4 Disadvantage on Attack Rolls Damage Resistance
5 Become Unconscious

After finishing your drink, make a Constitution saving throw against the drink DC. On a failure, the effects of the drink and inebriation last for [Round Down](((drink DC-10) - (your Con mod))/2)d4 hours. On a success, that time is cut in half.

To cast a spell, make a Constitution saving throw against the drink DC or the spell fails. The spell is not wasted. A short rest removes one level of inebriation; a long rest removes all effects of inebriation.

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