Description Edit

The Cog is a groundling ocean trading ship, which is not intended for use in space. Cogs usually have a protected fore and aft castle intended to serve as archery platforms, but some will dispense with the forecastle entirely, and have an unprotected aft castle. Sometimes used by those new to space travel, the Cog makes a poor spelljammer. Cogs are very clumsy, suffering from poor maneuverability, and heavy handling which makes it difficult for a helmsman to operate. This results in a -1 penalty to SR (to a minimum SR 1). In addition, Cogs are poorly armoured, and are typically unarmed. Most spacefarers using a Cog will upgrade to a more suitable spelljammer as soon as they can; assuming that they survive long enough. 

Crew Edit

When used as a spelljammer, a Cog will typically carry a crew of about a dozen men. This is somewhat less than the 20 men which a Cog usually carries when used as a sailing ship, but unlike many groundling ships, it is actually capable of carrying its full groundling crew in space without unduly straining its air envelope. As a result, Cogs carrying a full 20 men are not uncommon.

Ship Uses Edit

Trader: Most Cogs in space are used as trading vessels. The only advantage that such a ship has over more capable ships designed for spelljamming is the fact that a Cog can land in the water, and trade with groundling ports without attracting undue attention. In some of the safest areas of space using a Cog as a trading vessel is actually a viable option, however most of wildspace is not safe for the ship, and even in those areas that are safe a Caravel would usually be a better choice. The only advantage that the Cog has over the Caravel is a greater cargo capacity.

Other Configurations Edit

Armed Trader: An Armed Trader Cog will typically mount either a medium ballista in the forecastle and a medium catapult in the aft castle, or just a heavy catapult in the aft castle. In either case the cargo capacity drops to 6 tons. This modification is not particularly popular, since the reduction in cargo space cuts into profits, while the clumsy craft performs poorly in combat even when armed.

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